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This designates either a subject at school/university, which studies some phenomenon that no one is ever curious about, or a topic of conversation that is absolutely stultifying (boring beyond one's ability to cope).

"boring" (Eng. adj.) + "-atics" (Gr. suffix, meaning "the science of")
Created on the spur of the moment by etymology-savvy internauts
Semantically related to:
Umberto Eco's "tetrapiloctomia" - the (intellectual) activity of splitting hairs
Lexically related to:
boringatics (n., adj., interj.)

Anon. student about his professor: He's teaching Boringatics (n.).

Anon. student: I've got to study for my boringatics exam (adj.).

Anon: I am reading Lucretius' poem, De Rerum Natura.
Anon's friend: Boringatics! (interj.)
by elle.ninho February 27, 2011

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