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Sitting in an office all day and filing, copying or scaning something or looking up addresses in a phone directory and writing down EVERY company cause your boss has nothing else to give you
Boss:Grab a directory and look up company names and copy them down.
Me: That is so boring

Boss:Go to the filing room and organize the files alphabetically and by year
Me: BORING!!!!
by Rifa J July 28, 2009
to live in the state of New jersey there is not a thing to do in this state
i got to get out of this boring hellhole New jersey
by Street-Skater June 02, 2004
A word that teenagers use to describe where ever they live usually followed by the phrase, "I want to get out of this hellhole." Most of the time this word is used to detour you from the fact that it is only the person speaking it that is boring and that regardless of whether they moved or not, they're still going to lead a miserable life.
Dullard: Man, NYC is soo boring! There's nothing to do around here, I wish I could just get out of this hellhole.

Other Guy: Well, do you go to any clubs, bars, or just watch the hobos trick a tourist into giving them change?

Dullard: No way man! I can't dance, and drinking is wrong!

Other Guy: (fucking lame ass...)
by Dark. August 04, 2008
lacking fun, tedious, monotonous, events that cause drowsiness, causes person to doze off, lame, uninteresting, unfascinating, etc.
You've never seen Monty Python and The Holy Grail?!


You're no fun!!

Oh, so I'm boring?

Pretty much..
by racheleta June 26, 2007
Astronomy at Western University. The intro class is absolutely mind numbing. I fantasize about sleeping in this class but it's so hot and stuffy that you can't.
Man, I sure do hate syphilis.

Yup, but it beats that boring astronomy class.

Yeah, that's why I purposefully got syphilis.
by Swag Artist March 30, 2011
Someone who doesn't like gravy!
Briana is boring cause she hates gravy.
by Billmurey April 03, 2008
opposite of BOOYAKA
"man, that wasn't BOOYAKA, infact it was boring"
by Eric October 11, 2003
Most people, especially idiots.
I was talking to this person, and he didn't know what tranverse adverb I was using. Idiot.
by liable September 24, 2003