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Generally someone who *happens* to pass by your house when they get the urge to "see" you. This person is slightly deranged and/or deluded & have created a fantasy life in their heads with you, the object of desire as their main focus. They believe you are their soul mate. Borderline stalking behaviour includes frequent online stalking.

Borderline stalkers are surprisingly very apt at hiding their rampant obsessions when they fear getting caught by others. They will go to all kinds of lengths to hide their disproportionate feelings when necessary which can even lead to them being cruel.
A borderline stalker is typically a very lonely person with some psychological issues. This type of stalker almost always has a crushing fear of true intimacy; they deliberately seek to "love from a distance". They unconciously pick partners that are unsuitable for them or already unavailable for *romantic pickings*. They may not even have a genuine desire for a real relationship with you - it might be a sexual obsession for instance.Many potential stalkers suffer from some kind of personality disorder such as Schizoid Personality Disorder.

many Borderline Stalkers are driven by fear of abandonment. They refuse to deal with the external reality of rejection by replacing it with a strong inner fantasy life of maladaptive daydreaming and inner dialogues = a 'Fantasy Prone Personality'. They are painfully indecisive about taking action in his/her life. Their worst fear is rejection.
For Example:
A borderline stalker is akin to a secret admirer, they always seem to be in the background of your life like a wallflower.

They are skilled at making their borderline stalking behaviour seem like a coincidence.
"Harry always has lunch at the same time as me in the cafeteria... Sometimes he follows me to class too. He watches me eat and slurp my slurpy. I am sure he is sexually aroused... what a borderline stalker!"

Genuine/Garden Variety Stalker: "Alicia and I have been broken up for 4 years but she still calls and breathes down the phone. It is so freaky. She even leaves empty beer cans on my front doorstep with notes attached to them like *see what you're missing out on*"
by DamselInDistress September 14, 2013
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