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Someone who crawled under or jumped over the border for the purpose of getting welfare.
Those borderhoppers are goin to san diego to get on welfare
by TonyRigatoni October 08, 2006
18 6
a mexican that hopped his ass over the border to the USA.
"I'm gonna need to see a green card you damn border hopper."
by Steve Deed March 03, 2005
223 99
Usually reffered to Mexicans hopping the border.
-Those fucken border hoppers are mowing my lawn. ROfl
-Go back to Mexico you fucken border hopper.
by John Moe April 20, 2005
139 85
a mexican who crossed the mexican-american border
if u call me a border hopper, i'll kill u, u fuckin cracker
by Nathan Hernandez February 27, 2006
111 84
Derogatory term used for mexicans who cross the borders illegally.
Those damn Border Hoppers taking up all the damn jobs they don't even have a green card.
by Birdshit March 31, 2011
5 2
rojas......any "Latino" with the name rojas in his/her name who hops the boder of mexico to work the fields of america without a green card
look at that rojas climbing the border.....what a border hopper
by CORNMANtheYELLOW April 29, 2006
53 60
A pimple that's right on the edge of your lip.
"Bah, look at this border hopper, it hurts like a biatch and a half."
by cammmmmmmmmmmm August 22, 2007
27 45