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The complete menstrual cycle of a female. A male who is acting like a lil bitch, displaying emotional characteristics commonly associated with females during their period.
Nigga1: Man, Im bout to hit Projeckisha ass up in a min cuz I need some pussy!
Nigga2: Boy boy boy straight up? Was up with ur girl?

Nigga1: Aww shit my nigga, that bytch pussy outta commission.

Nigga2: Aw for real? What, she on her bootyrag?

Nigga1: Yeah.

Nigga2: Damn thats fucked up!!!

Homegirl1: Girl, he came home trippin again last night! I told him I didn't wanna talk about it because I was at work and he got all on his bootyrag.
Homegirl2: lol
by Nick T 314 October 18, 2011
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a rag that hangs from your booty either in a back pocket or from your waist that makes you look gangster.
"Hey, make sure my booty rag looks fly, cracker."
"Where did you put my favorite booty rag?"
by J Wiggle Jiggle November 18, 2008

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