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what dcigs calls your ass tube.
I have a piece of shit coming out my "booty pipe".
by dumbfuck21 January 17, 2012
30 1
Word invented by the greatest comedian on youtube dcigs that means the inside of your butt.
"my mom could do better then that, when she eatin bean burrito tacos. O my lord there so much fire comin out her booty pipe!"
by unclefuck January 24, 2012
21 3
Synonymous with "anus."
What, am I supposed to just pull $15 out of my bootypipe?
by bootypipe May 08, 2011
17 8
butthole, anul, corn hole, poop deck (visit d cigs (siggas)on youtube)
I got raped up the bootypipe on my accounting's exam.
by Awwtum Volkina Katova June 01, 2011
3 0