The general scope of this definition has recently been expanded to include all Ford Broncos manufactured between model years ’92 and ’96 (inclusive); providing the vehicle is equipped with the following aftermarket redneck paraphernalia: brush guard, mud flaps, aerial antenna (exceeding four feet in length), flood lights, and at least one decal/sticker referencing NASCAR and/or any other affiliated domestic, racing program.
Danny: "When yer talkin' 'bout mud flaps for my Bootsy Bronc, size DOES matter."
by Danger Boy January 23, 2004
Top Definition
A '96 Ford Bronco that's built to suit the 'yeehaw' personality of Caucasians of the 'rural' persuasion.
Danny: "Yo, have you seen the new snow tires on my Bootsy Bronc? They are phat."
by Danger Boy January 22, 2004
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