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beautiful booty
she is bootiful, the party was bootiful
by earl schwartz md April 03, 2004
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absolutely delicious, appealing to the eye
That Megan Rathbun chick is down right bootiful!
by DudeWithAWeiner April 06, 2010
Someone who is above and beyond beautiful.
Paige was absolutely bootiful.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
Beauty that is envied.
She is so bootiful. I hate her!
by Emperor MAR June 24, 2010
Beautiful, gorgeous
That girl is really bootiful
by TheUrbanTermsDefiner April 24, 2014
Something you tell a female she is, making her think that you are complimenting her and calling her beautiful in a cute "pooky" voice, when actually, you are describing the niceness, and fullness of her posterior.
Ex 1: Kim Kardashian
Ex 2:

Guy: Ohhh Girl you lookin' bootiful
Girl: Thank you

Guy: (thinking to self) man she got that nice badonkeydonk.
by Gorillafaceoff April 02, 2011
Sarcastic way of saying Beautiful.
You are just BOO-TI-FUL.

What is up with that bootiful dress you're wearing?
by -_-.-_- December 18, 2012

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