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the act of ruthlessly knocking a highschool freshman's unnecesarily large stack of books to the ground and continuing to walk and laugh with you and your other ruthless friends.
me-dude i totally just bookdropped that kid
friend a-dude that was ruthless
friend b-dude walk faster i think that teacher saw u
by roondizzle October 29, 2005
To remove someone as a friend on Facebook.
I had no choice but to bookdrop her after she became a fan of over five hundred pages, got really into Farmville, and started updating her status in all caps ten times a day.
by domergirl April 26, 2010
The act of knocking somebody's schoolbooks out of their hands, thus creating a comical mess.
Look at that H-mo, let's book drop him.
by Nightblade May 30, 2003
The act of getting all the students in a class (usu. middle school or high school) to drop a textbook on the ground simultaneously. Book drops are usually carried out to protest a new or substitute teacher.

If executed properly, the teacher will be unable to identify the perpetrators, provided there are no snitches. This will force the teacher to continue without being able to take meaningful action, or attempt to refer the entire class to the principal's office, either of which will result in great embarrassment.

Other materials, such as notebooks, pencils, or calculators, could be used in place of textbooks.
::2 minutes before class::

Todd: "Miss Bitch...I mean, Fischer is in again today."

Greg (to class) "Yeah. Let's do a book drop at 1:30. As soon as the second hand hits the 12, do it."

Todd: "Anyone who snitches gets stitches."
by Cee Mills February 21, 2013
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