Da Bronx, de only boro on de mainland, in the N.Y.c. The birthplace of hip-hop, on Sedgewick Avenue homes
Tottenville is still iller than tha BX boogie down
by City Kid January 31, 2005
When something is really cool you say boogiedown
even cooler is partaydown
Steve:I won a million dollars and ill give some to you
Urethra Franklin: Awwwww boogiedown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by boogiedown to the maximam January 29, 2010
v. to travel in a quick and efficient way for happy purposes; to party with enthusiasm, similar to get down
I am so glad it is Friday night. I think I'll get together with my buds and boogie on down to the city to boogie down.
by Michael Gannett February 22, 2006
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