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A girl whom is both highly unattractive (Booger) AND fat (hog).
(Slang) In very extreme cases this phrase may be utilized (Wrongly) to describe a girl that is simply VERY, EXTREMELY ugly, or simply VERY fat; however the
preferred nomenclature is only if a girl satisfies BOTH ugliness, and morbid obesity.
"She was 5 foot tall, 300 pounds, yellow snaggleteeth, acne, and nappy hair." A regular boogerhog.
by Hubbard Hardin Co. June 24, 2008
A Boogerhog is a mix of "German long hair" and "Trailer trash" It loves fast food, getto sausage, Asian nail salons, drama, shopping, credit cards, and Myspace. It is the blotchy skin variety with the extra large buttocks, mouth and wiggly stuff under the arms. It will produce many little mooncrickets. This breed is very high maintenance, costly to feed, messy and loud so they are not for everyone, but if you are into the very large Boogerhog breed this may be just the bitch for you!

Most German woman become (boogerhogs) at 20 years old
by eattaco November 17, 2010
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