sick nasty stuff that comes out of your nostrils sometimes white but mostly green and sometimes shoots out of your nose and hits something otherwise known as a snott rocket and can be rather crusty
Dude, that's sick your nasty nose crust(booger) just hit me in the face!
by GertrudeApplegate January 18, 2009
Dried up mucus in the nose that nerds who had crushes on you liked to flick at you in elementry school
BOB! STOP FLICKIN boogies at me!!

EHH boogers are nasty
by Maybelline September 25, 2005

a. used towards someone when someone else is mad, but not really that mad, at them for something silly.

b. gooey stuff in your nose that is nice for flinging at people or just eating.

c. used to call a cute little kid.
a."You booger!!"

b.Teacher: "Timmy! What did you just throw at Susan?!"
Timmy: "Aww, jee Mrs. Lemonbottom, it was only a booger."

The kid felt so secluded in the class that he forgot he wasn't alone and stuck that booger right down his throat.

c. Grandma, "My sweet little booger!"
by Berkeley October 15, 2004
a mass of solid mucus from the nose
If your gonna remove a booger from your nose with your bare hands, try to remeber to wash them afterwards.
by Light Joker February 26, 2006
hard snot
ugghh you got a booger !!
by jesterman2010 November 08, 2010
an annoyin person
you betta shut up booger
by blahblahbooga April 07, 2010
A tasty snack readily available from the nasal passage.
I pick boogers out of my nose when I need something tasty to eat.
by Iwantmeatballs July 12, 2013

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