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First coined by comedianne Bret Butler as an uneducated rural person. Often synonmous with a goober or a bumpkin. The obvious implication is that they spend a lot of time with their finger up their nose. Can often be seen hanging around drag strips wearing any of the following:
Overalls, a shirt with a beer advertisement, a shirt with an auto parts advertisement, a shirt with a race car or race car driver on it, or a black shirt with a wolf howling at the moon (in two poses).

Although they often populate the rural areas, they sometimes move into larger cities and hang around the DMV.
Son, you see that booger farmer in the old pickup truck over there? No not that guy, the one with the overalls and the wolf on his shirt. Yeah, stay away from him--he'll start talking about drag racing.
by Eric July 11, 2004
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