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Big Boobs
Guy 1: "Damnnnn, she has some nice boobalas."
Guy 2: "You're telling me!"
by hypercookies August 16, 2011
0 4
The Adam's Family Gomez would call his wife Morticia a term of endearment "boobala" and vice versa.
"I know you'll do the right thing, my Boobala."
by Greggkent September 23, 2003
107 33
Buddy, friend, chum, derogatory and chummy in nature
Hey! Boobala! Wazzup with yo bad shit?
by Dave February 21, 2003
43 45
a languidly lascivious lover (female) well endowed in the chest department and of warm and friendly disposition
she's my boobala
by rick May 09, 2003
49 62
n. Vulgar Slang: A woman's breast.
The drag queen's fake boobalas were made out of bird seed and pantyhose.
by Wanda Wisdom January 05, 2006
25 49