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a person(usually a young male) who very poorly begins to fondle the female breast. They make very awkward motions and tend to hurt the poor little boobies, the girl then goes and finds someone who knows what they are doing. Usually this is the noobs older brother.
Bekka: "So Hailey how was Kyle last night? *wink*"

Hailey: "Such a boob noob! It was so freakin painful! But don't worry his big brother Mikey made them feel better!"

Bekka: "HAHAHAHAHA! Such a boob noob!"
by me44 January 02, 2011
To put it simply, a virgin. Can also be referred to someone who has never touched a woman's breast before.
Kyle: Hey, you know that John's a virgin, right?
Bob: Ha! What a boob-noob.
by Tex54 July 14, 2009
Someone who is young, old, or middle aged that is blissfully unaware that their boobs are like pinpoints sticking out of their shirts.
Omg! That grandma is such a boob noob!
by Thegirlwhoplayedwithbitches April 03, 2011
a fricken noob, that is a toal boob yeah, in a bee hive WHOOO A BEE HIVE
hey u frickin boob noob, your a noob.
by Jon Misener June 22, 2006
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