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A dome light mounted on a ceiling that resembles a female breast with a decorative erect nipple. They are often found in pairs in 1980 style homes.
My dad's living room is illuminated with 2 sets of boob lights.
#mamory illumination #dome light #breast light #nipple light #light of boob #boobie light
by booblightsareus March 20, 2009
An alluring accessory used by a human female in an attempt to get men to blow all of their cash on buying her drinks. This controversial tactic has led to many bars outlawing the lights and removing women from facilities for their use.
Dude, I thought I was all tough and cool sitting alone at the bar with my Tri-Force tattoo, but then this girl showed up with booblights and now my wallet is empty.
#boob flash #glow cleavage #blinking bra #light lemons #light-up melons
by firts girl March 08, 2011
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