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1. A name to call someone like a boy/girlfriend.
2. Someone you're interested in.
3. You're main guy/girl.
"I'm going out to dinner with my boo thing."
by Sixty Nine December 22, 2007
being forever the romantic, picking a girl up and shagging them in the local park. in october. up the arse!
"Where's Booth?"
"He's boothing Rachael in Torky park."
by bradders October 30, 2003
The subtle art of Boothing is one that has been lost since the late 19th century. It requires you take your date to the movies. If you can sit in a balcony, if not dont worry. One takes his date to the seats, claims he must go the bathroom, gets up, goes to the bathroom and start masturbating. Before ejacutulation one runs back to their date and yells "Dick Semper Tyranis!" and nuts on the dates head. Usually then one would run away and hide in a nearby barn.
Did ya hear about Steve?
We took Kate out boothing a couple nights ago.
Did they find him yet?
No, but Kate is still in the shower...
by Zac Morrow January 02, 2008
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