1. time additional to the time that has been planned or paid for.

2. a regular promotion at Clinique counters where you buy two skincare products you were planning to buy anyway and get yet another cheap make-up bag full of samples.

3. the moment you discover that the sweet, handsome, kind and amusing guy you've been dating happens to be hung like a horse.
1. "More than a month into bonus time after a successful primary mission on Mars, NASA's Spirit rover has sighted possibly layered rock in hills just ahead."

2. "It's Bonus Time at the Clinique counters at participating Dillard's in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma and the Memphis, TN area."

3. "WOAH!!!......marry me, baby."
by CougarSW2 November 14, 2004
Top Definition
The typically brief period of mild drunkenness that occurs the morning/afternoon after a night of good drinking. Bonus time can be longer or more pronounced if one has to wake up before noon, often for silly things such as work or family.
Troy sure is talkative this morning; he must be on bonus time.
by jdoppler December 17, 2006
The extra time found on a parking meter before a person enters his/her quarters.
"Dude I didn't even have get out my quarters, there was 30 minutes left on the meter. Bonus time Fuck yeah!!!"
by thefarmerbry October 03, 2011
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