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Term derived from Asia. A boy who has obeys his parents but is still mischievous sometimes, has short hair parting and his hair is always oiled (not gelled) and usually wears checkered clothes and dress pants. Bonjo boys are not to be confused with dorks or nerds as bonjo boys enjoy playing and watching sports and are risk takers too. They are rather unique and very hard to find nowadays. They began in the 80s but their popularity skyrocketed in the 90s and now its very low again. Bonjo Boys are not fat or skinny, they arent muscular either but are healthy. There is no such thing as a Bonjo Man as Bonjo Boys dont have an age group and all males from all ages can be Bonjo Boys.

The Bonjo Boy Population in the world by age

0-7: 75%
8-13: 10%
13-20: 10%
20 and above: 5%
Person 1: Hey how was the party this weekend?

Person 2: It was fun, I was chilling with a bonjo boy, but after he left it became boring as hell.

by Bonjo Boy April 24, 2008
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