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1. Anything that you eat after smoking a whole bunch of weed. These food items will be delicious beyond your wildest dreams. Though it is preferable to have smoked the weed from a bong for the food to be considered "bong chow" it is not required.

2. Refers to what you load into the bong to smoke as if it were food for the bong.

3. What American's who only speak English think every Asian language sounds like.

4. An expression used when someone gets good news.
1. You hit the bong and then you chow down.

2. Let's smoke some of that bong chow and get real fuckin high.

3. What did that Chinese dude just say? I don't know, bong chow?

4. Phish is going back on tour and they are actually coming close to where I live? Bong Chow!
by mudraker March 21, 2010
noun. When you give a blowjob when your high

Blowing someone after hitting a bong or being high
"Heyo you see that chick over there? I got a bongchow from her while we were on that new buzzle shit"
by GoPro Nation March 06, 2015
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