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A complete tool who enjoys biting dudes boners
"Dude that kid Dom is such a bonerbiter, he broke my blacklight."
by charlie brooks June 09, 2007
3 1
A Male who bites boners...legitimately bites them. A person who is a non factor, brings nothing to the table, and it is clear that they must bite boners. A person who should speak only when spoken to.
"Thanks Frank....sick probably bite boners. You're a boner biter"
by BonBit February 02, 2008
40 7
a woman (or homosexual male) who decides to close their teeth on a dudes penis while giving head to him.
Mary is sutch a boner biter, she gave Johnny scars all over his dick!
by Big Frech!!!!! November 15, 2003
41 12
Someone who bites, chomps, munches continuosly on a males cock. Therefore, leaving a ton of scars, bruises and even holes for that sake.
Also a person who bites on ones cock when is in the state of errection. In doing this the female (or male, :S) May
also intend to suck the males balls for that sake.
Mary is such a boner biter, when I saw Chads dick and balls in the changeroom I knew it was the work of her boner biting.
by PaUlY P February 04, 2004
24 17