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a word generally slang for vagina, but can be any hole on someone a dick can go in.

your average lady has 7 bone holes. a vagina, an ass whole, a mouth, two ears, and two nostrils. the last two are for those with smaller dicks, because anything wider than about 1/4 of an inch won't fit.

it is also possible for a bone hole to be an abnormal hole in the body, such as a hole in the neck that smokers get from throat cancer.

if a dick will fit, its a bone hole.

generally, bone holes are only referring to the holes dicks most often penetrate,
Your dick is so small you can use all 7 bone holes.
by J-Birdd November 05, 2008
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Bonehole, v. (trans.)
1. To delay or frustrate the efforts of through lacidaisical mailing habits, usu. habitutually.
2. To route through arcane or ineffective bureaucratic channels.

Bonehole, n.
An act or instance of boneholing.
1. You wait to send your check, it gets here late, and you bonehole me yet again.
2. ESD really boneholed me on this gchat issue.

3. Yeah, they just gave me the old bonehole about an ISR.
by ERoMey September 19, 2007
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The hole in a roof of car sunroof used to throw chicken bones out of.
When Darnell went to look for a new car,he wanted to know if it has a bonehole.
Yo,man!Do dis ride gots a bonehole in it?You know,a hole to fro dems bones outta.
by chief whitenparts November 30, 2006
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that bitch has a nasty bonehole
by smleah December 23, 2008
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(verb, trans) bone holing
(1) to stymie a routine function through lack of consideration or general apathy
(2) re-routing someone through endless bureaucratic channels

(1) When you mail the checks really late, it bone holes me yet again.
(2)Government tech guy: Some lady just called me to say she needs a software upgrade, and I gave her the bone hole answer to fill out Form Z.

by ERoMo September 05, 2007
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