1. bOn rA-zur: noun: (ety: Fre > Ger > Eng) A total babe that induces an extreme state of "boner"

i.e. "Yep, I agree, Shawn's mom is a total bone raiser."

2. bOn rA-zur: pr. noun: (ety: Fre > African Clicky Language > Lat > Ebonics > Eng) A pornographic film fabled to have been created in the late romantic period. It's actual existence is debated and it is believed by many, simply to be a myth. Those that believe in it agree that it sparked the post-modern movement, beat poetry, Seinfeld, and the conception of Kelley Clarkson. The film was loosely based on the plot of the popular horror film of the early romantic period, "HELLRAISER". Watching a mere 3 seconds of "BONERAISER" will immedeatly cause an explosive orgasm, followed by a violent bloody shart, spontaneous human combustion and a mild sore throat--leading to one's imminent DOOM. It is rumored a few copies of the film remain hidden in the African Congo, Somewhere off the coast of Sicily and in underdeveloped regions of Salt Lake City Utah.
i.e. "Boneraiser II sucked compared to bone raiser I, cause Shawn's mom refused to star in the second one.
#bone #boner #woody #hard on #shawn's mom #porn #porno #movie #puppies
by hoboshowdown December 05, 2006
Top Definition
A chick whom upon seeing causes ones bone to raise

san diego
Dude, Shawn's mom is such a bone raiser
by Joe and Shawn and Jeff April 15, 2005
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