sexy girls in general, especially black and spanish
(root: boricua & morena)
Yo mami you a bomo.

All these bomo's in da club tonight
by Penny_Loafa April 30, 2011
Short for bowel movement

excrement, feces, poop, shit

to poop or to shit
My BOMO was green after I ate all those blueberries.

I couldn't hold it in anymore and had to BOMO.
by audomatic February 05, 2010
Anybody who is totally gay for U2.
Dude!?! Seriously, you'd make out with any of the guys from U2? You are such a Bomo!
by erroric October 27, 2009
1. Big homo.
2. Gay hobo/bum.
3. A giant hobo.
1.What a bomo.
2.Life as a bomo is hard.
by FOOPAH July 31, 2007
Bomo means when some one read a book then watch a movie based on this book and didn't like it.

Bo: Book
Mo: Movie
Mike: Ali got bomo yesterday.
Jasmine: Oh really! which movie?
by ash_awesome July 27, 2009
Bodacious Moment.

Awsome, good, impressive, great moment.
You too can Have a BoMo even if you forget your pants
by burnedintoeternity April 17, 2006
A country dwelling socially-challenged person that, by whatever means, has managed to keep pace with technological advances of the current generation.
The bomo purchased the cheapest DVD Recorder ever manafactured.
by VVVVVVVV July 10, 2006

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