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1- A small beetle most well known for it's damage to the cotton industry.

2- A song by originally written by Huddie Leadbetter, John A. Lomax, Alan Lomax. Has been recorded by countless rock and country artists, and also by real musicians.
1- The cotton crop was ruined by Boll Weevil's.

2- 'They performed Boll Weevil to end the show.'
by BadgersNadgers July 24, 2006
A certain weevil of the boll persuasion which, if it were to spaff a city, would demolish said city.
/ \ _________
l (.)_\ / \
\ mm< SNORT. l
\ / \_________/
by My name is Nate Thin. March 10, 2005
The nickname of a Democratic senetor from Texas.
The Republicans are better than the Boll Weevils.
by Pat Lapiene September 29, 2003
A good song by The Presidents Of The United States Of America!
Boll Weevil is a good song!
by Svexson September 15, 2003
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