A common saying by a student or fan of Purdue University (Indiana) that is used to signify the person's love for Purdue. Also can be used to find other Boilers in large crowds at games.

Mostly heard during Breakfast Club and tailgating. Can also be used in a strong sense in the phrase "Boiler the fuck Up!"
Kris: "Boiler Up!"
Avid Purdue fans: "Boiler Up!"
by Heather Nicole September 16, 2007
To put heart, soul, and body into something. Even if you're down, a simple "Boiler Up" can bring life back into it. Not just for sports, it's a way of life.
At a football game (whether you're winning or losing): Boiler Up!

For charity: Boiler Up to Beat Cancer!
by Lis1 October 21, 2010

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