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an abbreviation for buy one get one half off
I got 2 cases of beer because it was bogoho
by A.Sugimoto August 31, 2006
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Disapointing;When something is represented as really good, exciting, etc, but is not as good as it seems.

This comes from BOGOHO, Buy One Get One Half Off. It's very disappointing when something is represented as BOGO when it's actually BOGOHO.
When the letter came saying that I may already be a winner, I was excited. But it was bogoho, because they just wanted me to buy some magazines.
by quasi_stomach February 20, 2007
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Pronounced the three syllables separately - Bo Go Ho.

Its the abbreviation for "Buy one, Get one at Half off."

Used to replace the overly misused advertising slogan "Buy one, Get one" since no one is offering that anymore.
The wife used to go to Payless Show Source for their BOGO sale. She would buy herself one pair of shoes for $12 and get a second pair for $6 more.

Now she has to buy TWO pairs at full price to get the third pair for half."

Its not BOGO anymore, its BOGOHO.
by The REAL Bambino August 24, 2010
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