the he-she apparatus

a fake coochie

bogus vagina
Skip would fuck anything with a bogina.
by Booth Rand April 01, 2003
a vagina.. with a bo
"Taylor is a bogina"
"Girls have boginas!"
"So THATS what a bogina looks like.."
by Tomanda February 18, 2003
a vagina with a bow.
tomanda has a nice bogina.

adrian likes to put his hand in boginas and then lick the liquid.

adrian doesnt know how to spell. oh yes, bogina.
by taylor March 20, 2003
Jamaican patios for vagina
"me haffi get some o dat bogina"
"dancehall a full up ah sweet bogina tonight"
by Mighty September 16, 2005
its my word truth. not from a dictionary, not from any particular language. just a funny word that sounds like vagina, but isnt as crude.
fucking sheesh.
by TUSKS April 01, 2003
A compound word consisting of two religious symbols. Bo represents the Bodhi tree that Buddha sat under in meditation before setting out on his travels. While Gina is St. James Bond code for the Jainsian concept of Jina. The word Jain is derived from Jina, which literally means "the Victor" or "the Liberator". One who has freed himself/herself from the bondage of Karma by conquering räga (attachment - deceit and greed) & dvesha (aversion - anger and ego). People who follow the teachings of Jina are called Jains. Thus, this word (bogina) came into being in the late 15th century and represents a blending of two religions with similar roots and philosophies (Buddhism and Jainism). This is akin to the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches which share similar origins and traditions and suufered a similar rift during the Great Schism of 1054. Sort of a parallel universe between East and West represented over 500 years time.
A bogina represents a healing process where major religions can find common ground in finding ways to work together.
#bo #bodhi #buddha #jina #jainism
by Mr. Chips April 18, 2006
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