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a thuggish, non-skillful "sport", a cross between rubgy and football (or "soccer" as the yanks and mulchies call it) played mostly by the backward savages of Ireland (country folk), invented purely to be different from football, in an effort to make up some Irish culture that was separate from British culture. the rules .. well no one knows the rules really as they constantly change but essentially its something to do with manhandling opponents in an effort to kick the "liathroid" OVER a goal.
"the culchies are up in their droves today"
"yeh, theres a bog ball match on in croker"

(savage 1) "take your point boy, take your point"
(savage 2) "its great all the same to be up in the big smoke, did you see they had a toilet with running water in that pub? i love the bogball boy"
by whuppa August 14, 2011
When your balls are very sweaty and sticky; drenched in human produced humidity. Akin to swamp ass.
Pablo: Damn dude, I've been so stressed out and rushing around.

Albert: That's no good, when that happens to me I get a bad case of bog balls.
by supplybiscuit June 05, 2010
term for irish sport gaelic football generally used by unionists and snobby irish. neither of these people master the skill to play the game so they call it barbaric as it is too tough for them
oh wilson look at these brutes playing bogball. i mite get my clothes dirty if i play that
by rebels abú August 16, 2010
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