An alcholic beverage that is drank from another's belly button.
"I was at this club last night and did 10 body shots off 5 different girls, dude!"
by ReutDawg May 25, 2006
When you come in your belly button and the chick sucks it out
Suck my jizz. Body shots bitch!
by Danthehigh May 08, 2007
when one person pours drinks on another. The another person drinks the shots off the person's body who has alcohol on him or her.
Nik speaking: Cat,will you drink this body shot?
Cat speaking: I don't know. I'm pretty drunk already.
by ally becka August 01, 2007
When you pour liqour on a girls breasts and suck/lick/slurp it right off.
That freaky girl with the nice rack was letting random guys take body shots off her.
by Shady Grady July 18, 2003

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