A boddybagger is a term used when a girl has a nice face but an extremly fat or ugly body and you must cover her body with a bag before you receive head from her.
Don: "hey man you know gena?"
Lorne: "ya what about her?"
Don: "well i bodybagged her last night and dam was it good"
Lorne: "sweet i should get me a bodybagger one of these days".
by 352352362 July 03, 2006
Top Definition
Made in reference to a girl who is ass ugly. Worse than a paper bagger (who just has an ugly face but a nice body). You can have sex with a paper bagger by putting a paper bag over their head, but a body bagger is just too damn ugly.
Me: Damn, I wish i hadnt eaten that burrito after seeing that body bagger. That shit makes me wanna puke.

Joe: O man, i could tap that if i put a paper bag over her head.
Me: Shit you must be drunk, that bitch is definately a body bagger. I'd rather have sex with Bob Saget.
by FlavaFlav June 25, 2005
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