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A cool way of saying you murdered someone.
"...Wit a flow so sick, my hot temperature'll BODY da flu/crackheads get knocked out, right in front of the school/slap him Sheek, wake his ass up, he can't even move..."

Blue Armor
More Fish
Ghostface Killa

"You ain't gotta jock Jay-Z, jock fly shit/You ain't gotta jock me, homie jock my chick/Jock her Zanotti's, she body you wit the fit/No thats not pilates her, body's just thick"

Jockin Jay-Z
Blueprint 3
by deadinthemiddleoflittleitaly September 16, 2009
71 51
verb. To murder someone
My man got bodied in 1996
by Jolene February 14, 2005
509 96
girls a man hashad sex with, or a men a woman had sex with
Yo how many bodies you got?

I got like 21 bodies.how about you?
by Marcus VanDunk January 11, 2009
109 66
It is a bare-knuckle fist fight between two opponents with the only rule being no face or low blows. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. . . No kicking is allowed as it can lead to bruised kidneys
I went bodies with Sean and knocked him out with two kidney shots.
by Ay Bray Bray January 12, 2009
77 45
the number of people you have had sex with (used mostly in baltimore)
person 1 - how many bodies you got?
person 2 - i got 4 bodies now
by djrocko April 12, 2011
54 27
Useful in multiple situations. Often utilized in reference to a group of hot girls passing by or in your general area. It can also be used as a confirmation to questions or any positive situation.
1.) (attractive woman pass by man with friends) bodies!

2.) Hey are you still coming over tomorrow? bodies...

3.) i fucked this girl yesterday and it was bodies
by the majestic52 September 04, 2010
33 38
Perfectly stoned/drunk, if you are in West Orange, NJ.
Yo, I'm body ri now.
by 2012muchgreen April 12, 2011
43 50