The act of shredding the defense with dekes. Bodangling often happens in the sport of hockey. Notable bodanglers are Alex Ovechkin, Phil Kessel, and Rick Nash.
Did you see spezza bodangle around the entire bruins squad?

Did you see Ovechkin undress Turco with that bodangleage.
by Steve Pierece January 24, 2008
Top Definition
bodangle shiney, dangly object, usually found hanging, or dangling from jewlery, handbags or other items. (bo-dang-le)
Dude, that necklace has a huge bodangle.

Did you see those bodangles hanging off that bag?

The jewlery part of Forever 21 is a bodanglery.

That Gem Sweater is bodangled out!

by Alyson Clair July 10, 2008
An aspect of a hairstyle, primarily worn by black women, in which the hair is adorned with brightly-colored plastic beads. The actual "bodangle" is the beaded lock of hair.
"That bitch gots the biggest bodangles I've ever seen!"
by B-----eth May 09, 2007
somthing that is dank

the pick of the crop
god that dank was the bo dangles
by tj September 03, 2004
A bodi with ejaculation.

Coke with an added bonus :D

Aww dude, he just did a bodangles!
by jmeurer December 01, 2010
A dog with a well-endowed nutsack.
What a cute dog, is that Great Dane?
What's his name?
by Mandingo Jenkins June 20, 2009
A girl's vagina who is stretched out so far from over-use by sexual relations, that it hangs. Therefore, you call it a "bodangle."
Cassie's bodangle is hanging out of her shorts.
by Lydia and Jess August 17, 2009
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