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Huge, delicious boobs.
"Check out her bodacious ta-ta's!"
by waitsfan75 April 25, 2006
37 19
outstanding/acceptionally attractive mammary glands, great tits mommy bags
wow, pamela has some bodacious tatas
by john livingston May 06, 2006
104 26
The only enjoyable line from the movie "Officer and a Gentleman", an otherwise insufferable Chick flick Can be lower case, or UPPER CASE, (self explanatory)
She has a set of bodacious Ta-Ta's
by Sgt. Mark May 21, 2006
25 6
what ric flair said they were in his face everytime he turned around.
"everytime i turn around there are a pair of bodacious tatas in my face".
by nature boy79 May 27, 2009
18 11