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A VW Camper Van, used by the "bod squad" to perpetrate crimes against humanity; amongst the worst is the preaching of Bodism, a religion in which prohets include Letts and Philip-Allan. The engine of the Bod mobile has had its parts colour coded with WHSmith sticky tags for convenience, and on the inside is stuck a picture of their mysterious god, known as Wil'mot.
RUN! Its the Bod Mobile!
by The Anti-Bod October 17, 2003
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also known as GAY mobile, or the gay wagon, or homoweelz.
Budhdev: Lets get in the bodmobile and bop down to WHSmithies, wot wot, toodle pip, say no old chappy?
Ashish: OOOOWWWWW! That hurt. You're such a bitch. Cum on Anand, lets blaps him.
Anand: Please no violence. I may faint.
Mehtan: Come on guys. Its not like theres orange peel being thrown about. Anyway, I have to go now and finish... no abandon, my essay.
by Yue Yang November 07, 2003

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