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A very strong lager beer traditionally brewed in winter to celebrate the coming spring. Full-bodied, malty, well-hopped. Darker, sweeter, and heavier than typical beers, made for six weeks in the spring from the residue left in the vats before they are cleaned. Double Bock is an even stronger version.
It only takes a few bottles of Sam Adams Double Bock to make me talk funny and fall down.
by Beer Hunter February 12, 2004
To play with or against a friend on XBox Live.
"There's only one way to settle this dispute. Let's Bocks."
by The Most Excellent Spiff July 17, 2006
A ball cock. It usually happens to fat people and their cock turns into a ball because they are so fucking fat.
Hey look at that fat guy
Yeah he's probably got a bock!
by Choseseph10 June 13, 2014
Short for "baby cock," an extremely tiny penis
I found out my boyfriend had a bock, so I dumped him.
by Marlowe's Shanties April 03, 2015
awkwardly yelling at random people while on a spinning ride at santa monica pier
I refuse to bock at your mother because she will think im weird
by Bockmeout July 02, 2012
Big Cock
I Rock A Bock. (I have a big cock.)

Arlene, Megan, Cindy99, Krystal, Paige, Paris, Morgie, Taylor S., ad nauseum/infinitum: "OMG!!#!*!, Did you hear that DT rocks a bock!!!"

PerryDaPlatypus: "So, i've heard... so, i've heard..."
by GuyWithABock March 21, 2012
The bastardisation of 'box', a common term for a standard ATX computer case.
j00 leet mofo and j0r l33t bocks.
by CyraKrin October 15, 2003

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