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Boca Raton + Pocahontas = Bocahontas. A snide concatenation devised by residents of Boca Raton, FL to describe women who embrace the flash and pretentious airs of a Boca Raton lifestyle. Unlike Old World aristocracy, the New World princess known as a Bocahontas feels no need to use her leisure in the pursuit of cultural achievements. Instead, she rehearses her sense of self-entitlement ad nauseum on someone else's credit card. A good example is Eva Langoria's character on Desperate Housewives (although she is not necessarily a Boca Raton resident) See also "help-basher". brat spoiled trophy wife snob help-basher
If you have any class and you are at the Boca Town Center mall on a Saturday afternoon, you will have the urge to commit Bocahontas-cide.
by Floribbean Fool July 15, 2007
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