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Did you see what I did to boboli, it was classic!!
by WuBanga May 26, 2004
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Top Definition
n boboli: and idiot of unmatched proportion.

from the Spanish bobo: an idiot or one of lower mental capacity


the Li, a traditional chinese measure of distance or proportion.
Did you hear that guy likes to eat pre-fab pizza crust?

Yeah, what a boboli!
Simply put: dipshit
"You friggin dipshit!"
by Anonymous Chipmunk May 25, 2004
Boboli: singular Cherished male possession carried in a beanbag. Typically two boboli’s are paired.
Singular: “No wonder Hitler was so angry, he only had one boboli”.

Plural: “When he refused to pay $40 after the Negin&Noosheen, the hooker kicked the john in the boboli’s”.
by scrotum static May 25, 2004

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