Lame, Stupid, Retarded, Gay, not-cool
missing the opening credits for star wars episode III is BoBo!!

Roland can be so wack BoBo sometimes....LOL
by DFaery May 26, 2006
Slang term for a large peice of crack, a crystalized form of cocaine.
The term comes from the U-bonics way of saying "boulder".
When someone is trying to say they have a large quantity of crack cocaine, they refer to it as a "bobo".
Because the term was used so frequently by crack addicts, it (mistakenly) became associated with smoking tabacco and marijuana.
"I hooked up with that chick and we smoked a bobo!"
by Spirrowmint March 11, 2006
sleep, nap, kip. bo bos is another word for falling asleep unintentionally
"I fell a bo bos earlier"
by sophie1989 November 05, 2005
when a strip club with ugly girls is whack yo.
Black guy: hey man you gotta cigerette?

Richard U: Oh yea fa shizzle mah nizzle!

Black guy: were you in the strip club? Man this shit is BOBO!
by Matt Banez September 25, 2005
bo bo is American street terminology for "high on crack."
"I saw steve down the shop, he was bo bo."
by tapout! September 16, 2005
Bobo is a somewhat archaic pejorative term for white men collectively. It is similar in meaning to "the man" or "whitey."
Black folks invented rock & roll, but bobo stole it and thereafter pretended that Elvis made it up.
by Hoopermazing September 02, 2005
A dance done by African-American women involving bouncing arms and snapping fingers; full body gyration.
Also can be used to describe a woman who does this dance.
Starkeefa Jackson did a brilliant BOBO when she heard her favorite tune.


That b is such a bobo, f'sho.
by Winston Graham August 20, 2005

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