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A cheap type of shoes
That girl got some bobo\'s on
by BronCrew September 29, 2003
35 113
fat, ugly, horny(about man), a fag, thinks he have super human power, get beaten by his dad, steal candy, rob from old lady, lies something that make people think he is a retard and wears stupid glassess and thinks he is a knave.
bobo fat free
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
7 85
a stupid kid
by d k August 18, 2003
6 84
One who bares the name Bojan Gavrilov.
Hey did you see Bobo giving head to that old man? Wait wasn't that his dad?
by kao August 16, 2003
5 83
bobo properly means, to bo ones bo,
otherwise known as blowing ones wad, spitting out elmers, makin sugar paste,
spreading love butter.
she asked for it, so I thought why not bobo her nostrils and ear holes? (her mom certainly appreciated it.)
by anytime anywhere July 25, 2003
4 82
really silly person
Jlin is such a bobob
by sarah May 14, 2003
5 83
Short term for 'abortion' used by virginal girls who have had several. Also, the punched-out holes on the card at the Planned Parenthood Center. 8 in a row's a freebie!
by Lotza Cum April 09, 2003
8 86