fearless african warrior
he's scared of no one, he is a BoBo
by MON October 09, 2003
A cheap type of shoes
That girl got some bobo\'s on
by BronCrew September 29, 2003
fat, ugly, horny(about man), a fag, thinks he have super human power, get beaten by his dad, steal candy, rob from old lady, lies something that make people think he is a retard and wears stupid glassess and thinks he is a knave.
bobo fat free
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
a stupid kid
by d k August 18, 2003
One who bares the name Bojan Gavrilov.
Hey did you see Bobo giving head to that old man? Wait wasn't that his dad?
by kao August 16, 2003
bobo properly means, to bo ones bo,
otherwise known as blowing ones wad, spitting out elmers, makin sugar paste,
spreading love butter.
she asked for it, so I thought why not bobo her nostrils and ear holes? (her mom certainly appreciated it.)
by anytime anywhere July 25, 2003
really silly person
Jlin is such a bobob
by sarah May 14, 2003

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