When an individual receives madd brains from an out of control epileptic girl.
Upon seeing Ross' massive girth, young Jody was startled which induced a fit of epilepsy. After noticing she was in an epileptic state, Ross took advantage of the situation and inserted his mammoth cock into her mouth as she proceeded to unconciously give him the most outrageous bobble head dome that he had ever recieved.
by Ross Cherry October 17, 2004
plastic figures you put on your dash board with springs in theyre heads. amuseing when you go over pot holes, but a little creepy because they always look like theyre stareing at you... even when bobbleing..
"you can tell chris has had too many coke-aritas when he starts to bobble head"
by nate_napalm May 14, 2003
1. Jay Leno
2. Ass kissing obsequious individual in unyielding agreement with percieved superiors - individuals or industry
3. Scared of originality
1. Kevin accidentally chewed on the nail gun in his mouth instead of the pencil. All bobbleheads in class had pierced tongues the next day.
by abolish ignorance July 12, 2005
n. A woman who moves her head around too much during fellatio resulting in unwanted sensations.

v. To move one's head around too much during fellatio resulting in unwanted sensations.
I got bobbleheaded.
by Miryam Websta April 25, 2004
A girl with a big ass dome which is unproportionate to the rest of her body
Damn JQ, you see that bobble head over there
by Ben November 03, 2003
Troll like creature funnind "client services" at a software company with tentacles that shake as it waddles and a head that bobs around on top of the neck. It communicates by a series of raspy squeaks and cracking noises belived to come from the oversized head. The creature thrives on inefficiency and counter-productivity. Given it's tempermental nature the creatures behavior is eratic at best. Despite it's unprecictable behavior it can usually be controlled by providing an ass to stick it's nose in or a reality show to talk about.
Stay clear of the back area, the bobblehead is on the rampage.
by Bobblehead January 06, 2004
A person whose head is large enough to strain their neck that cannot properly support said weight.
Hey Meka, the wind is kicking up. Be careful bobblehead.
by Cliff W. June 20, 2005

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