What Habbo Hotel uses as a censor for words they don't like. Seriously, I can understand them censoring "fuck", but why do they censor "pizza"? WTF?
Guy: Hey girl, wanna bobba?
Girl: WTF is a bobba? Wierdo...
by ShadowForgerCerelia November 27, 2010
Top Definition
Word implemented to censor swear words used on habbo hotel
"you are a piece of bobba"
by dw March 23, 2003
used in place of swear words on HH.
"oh my fucking god" becomes "oh my bobba god"
by Denmark October 09, 2004
A word which replaces a swear word/repeated number/offensive word on the virtual teenage internet chatroom Habbo Hotel.
Random wierdo : "Stik ur bobba plz"
Me : "WTH"
by StHannah182 November 11, 2007

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