a guy with the honor of earning a nautical term or boat name.

A guy who loves to party with his mates like he's on a boat. (super bro)
guy 1: did you see Andy last night?
guy 2: dude he was a steamboat!

That boat boy was grinding on every bitch he saw last night!
by frankyfarts March 12, 2010
Top Definition
When a male ejaculates inside of a womans mouth and fills it beyond capacity. Resulting in the over-flow of semen traveling downwards towards a womans vaginal canal.
Brad - "I watched the boat boys travel down Angelicas belly after she gave me a forced blumpkin"

Charlie - "Damn bro, are you okay?"
by Roodawg October 28, 2010
1)child confined to small aquatic vessel for a lifetime.
2)a little bitch.
"Whatever you say...boatboy!"
by ndk March 27, 2004
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