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The Crud that collects under the keys in a keyboard. Usually more severe in the keyboards of programmers and webmasters as they tend to spend a lot of time at the the computer and thus eat at their desk. Mainly affecting IBM Model M (clicly) style boards.

Can also be used to gross out Non-Techie people
Bill: want to go to the club?
Bob: No, I've got to clean out my board chow, keys are starting to stick.

Bill: Want to go out to get a bite?
Bob: No, i am just going to have some of my board chow/
Bill: Whats' that?
Bob: The food scraps that collect in my keyboard; Want some?
Bill: *GAG* *HURL* *GAG*
by BinaryHackerMan August 26, 2007
Small food particles and what not that collect in between the keyboard keys.
"No thanks, I don't need lunch. I'll just get some boardchow."
by Robzilla April 09, 2003
the stuff that comes out of Robzilla's ass
Crap, Robz is eating his boardchow again.
by Anon. April 09, 2003
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