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on gamefaqs, it is the summer contest 2004 board...known previously as summer contest 2002, summer contest 2003, spring 2004 contest. This board consists of fads, kirbies, ackbars, cat-girl lovers, and contests. The god of the board is known as Ultimaterializer...his opinion usually destroys noobs. Next in line is Tombs, Heroic Metool, Steinershocker, and Heroic Mario. The board's also known for trolls - Silencer S (now an ex-troll), shin ramza, Icehawk...people who think they are kings - Funkadelict (believes the only right opinion is him), the jp (calls himself a dictator of the board)...the intelligent people - Amazing Telephone (knows his games)...the jokers - Aeon Azuran, Steal This Account, Rei, GANON1025...and a few others.

The mod of the board is red13n. Whenever he's around, he marks things.
I declared this board to be board 8
by m a p l e j e t February 10, 2005