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BNK is an acronym for Brains no kiss. This is to achieve the act of felatio/cunnilingus without reciprocating in any way.
Softly caress a girl and hint towards your crotch subtly. Use a slight directional head nod. Do not kiss her but maintain physical contact via long senuous stroke from the back of her neck to her butt. If she/he give you brains, you have just achieved a BNK
by Rich Salmon September 17, 2008
Acronym for Black Nigga Killa.

Song made by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony featuring Eazy-E.
BNK is a great track.
by monkeydude123 August 22, 2005
Big nosed kike
Alan: Look at Seth Goldman over there
Ryan: What a fricken BNK!!
by Kike cookies March 02, 2009