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stands for bad motherfucker. popularized by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Pulp Fiction. I also heard you can see it on Mace Windu's (also played by Samuel L. Jackson) lightsaber in the star wars movies.
Give me my wallet back. It is the one that says bad motherfucker on it.
by David Winokur May 17, 2005
Gang known as the Black Mafia Family.
Young Jeezy the rapper is believed to be a member of BMF.
by J Rice September 26, 2005
Blowing Money Fast
(BMF) Blowing Money Fast by Rick Ross
by djcrazyj August 02, 2010
Bad Mother Fucker.
Zack and Bryce are BMFs.
by God December 15, 2002
Bull Mother Fucking Shit
Man when he told me he loved me, i was like, bmfs..
by Mer Shea August 12, 2005
The wallet Jules Winnfield make insanely popular in '90's.
I bought a BMF the other day, it suits Jules better though...
by Niloc February 21, 2005
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