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tan lines
"damn girl look at your blurred lines from tanning"
by sjfhisxbjdxnjssjxhx February 19, 2014
1. A mediocre song by Robin Thicke.

2. A hip hop/rap album by Robin Thicke, including the song Blurred Lines.
1. Blurred Lines costs $1.29 on iTunes

2. My favorite album is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.
by SongGirl August 29, 2013
a song by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams and TI. it features infectious 70s disco beats, lyrics in a crooning manner about getting a hot girl at a club to cheat on her man with said artists, and a sampling on a continuous loop of Michael Jackson's "ooh!" from Don't Stop Til You Get Enough. it is a favorite of women 40-60 years old for they grew up in the disco era and in turn like "the music in this song."
mom: ooh! blurred lines! turn it up!
kid: mom, that song is lame.
mom: i don't care. It reminds me of the days when i hung out with your dad at the club...
kid: mom, stop.
by bradygirl August 16, 2013
Overhyped song by hip-hop artist Robin Thicke, Pharrell and some other rapper. The video for this song has many girls with little to no attire at all, thus making it a good target for pubescent teenagers and other pornography lovers.
Teen#1: Hey dude, did you study for the Maths test tomorrow?
Teen#2: Naw man, I've been dancin' on the club, digging some #THICKE and his # BLURRED LINES
by skapur August 16, 2013
To be so drunk and/or high out of your mind that you can't see straight.
Girl I drank so much Ciroc, I was seeing blurred lines
by Mrsoffica August 16, 2013
When you just drink so much it isn't possible to see.
"Hey Jim are you alright"
"No mark I can't see, I think I'm going blind I hate these blurred lines"
by Obama2667 August 16, 2013
When girls act as if they dont want a guy when they really do. The guy wants to blur the line that separrates them

And on a sexual level, “blurred lines” refers to girls being interested in casual and dirty sex but having to maintain the good girl image.

Also, “blurred lines” refers to the moral ambiguity of flirting with a girl Thicke knows isn’t single. Even if she’s in a committed relationship.
Robin thicke: I hate these blurred lines, I know you want it, I know you want it
by sabbytazz August 19, 2013