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The "lines" are personal boundaries a person designates in his/her sexual life. They usually only appear "blurred" to men who don't comprehend the meaning of "no."
Girl: "Hey, I don't think I feel comfortable with that."
Robin Thicke: "Just let me liberate you... I know you want it... I hate these blurred lines."
Girl: ".....Creepy."

Gay guy 1: "I don't know if I'm ready for that."
Gay guy 2: "You invite me over, and now you don't want to hook up? Gosh, what's with these blurred lines??"
by tankini August 16, 2013
215 76
The nonexistence/shadiness of the lines between right or wrong, particularly in sex. As heard from Robin Thickle's hit song by the same name.
"Is that even legal what you are doing to me?"
"Baby, these are blurred lines."

"I'm a good girl!"
"I'm a bad girl!"
"Whatever, these are blurred lines."

"This music video is so sexist."
"Blurred lines."
by AccidentalTease August 17, 2013
77 50
A dumb cunt's idea of a good song.
Dumb cunt: I just love that new song "blurred lines" by Robin Thicke.
by jason whitaker August 16, 2013
83 65
A commonly used expression to reference a situation where things are ambiguous or unclear. Sometimes meaning "to push the envelope" or test the boundaries of acceptability.
"So what's the situation with that guy you met?"

"It's kinda blurred lines, we're not dating, but we're more than just friends with benefits."
by Cupeco August 16, 2013
34 18
when one person makes sexual advances on another person (at times they are drunk), and the other person (trying to be kind about it) tries to back away from the others' advance. the blurred line is in the mind of the aggressor.
Troy was really pressuring me into having sex, but he didn't get the fact that I wasn't interested and crossed the line. To him they were blurred lines.
by troy valency August 25, 2013
37 28
tan lines
"damn girl look at your blurred lines from tanning"
by sjfhisxbjdxnjssjxhx February 19, 2014
2 1
1. A mediocre song by Robin Thicke.

2. A hip hop/rap album by Robin Thicke, including the song Blurred Lines.
1. Blurred Lines costs $1.29 on iTunes

2. My favorite album is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.
by SongGirl August 29, 2013
21 22