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when you and your homies have plans all week to spark up a blunt, but at the last second, something gets in the way of your plans, and you get denied smokage.

Syn: cockblocked
Cole: Hai, Brian iz out on teh bluntz fer fridai.

Pete: Wtf son?

Cole: Yeh, his gf is coming and shez SXE.

Pete: Ooooh, he got bluntblocked.

Cole: Yuz. Can I haz liters? Dis blunt not gonna smoke itzelf.

Pete: Troo, sobriety: do not want.
by Vaneeja Dutchar January 23, 2008
When someone is in the act of rolling a blunt/joint and is about to lick it finished, but is then interrupted by a person causing them to hide "it" thus being Blunt Blocked....
Guy 1: I was in my room rolling a "J" and I was almost done until my bro just walks in, I had to hide it...
Guy 2: Hahah dam dude you were totally Blunt Blocked!
by TheBluntSquad April 29, 2011
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