When you get a blow job on the toilet while taking a crap
Last night when I was pinching a loaf, I got Blunkins from Jenny.
by Fred July 22, 2003
Top Definition
when a girl gives you head on the toilet
i got a blunkin last night
by george lee December 17, 2004
Getting some head while on the shitter
Dude last night i got blunkin from my woman and damn it felt good. No other greta feeling than gettin sucked off and droppin a deuce!
by mr.MARQUEZ January 14, 2009
A blunkin is when you are taking a shit and getting head at the same time
ur mom gave me a blunkin
by cracka lacka123456789 September 19, 2008
To have sexual intercourse while on the tiolet or using the toilet.
I was taking a dump one day, and I had sex with my girlfriend at the same time and I made sure to remember that it was my first blunkin.
by Steve Shick April 23, 2006

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